From the introduction: 

Two boys walked past me on the beach one day and I heard one tell the other, “There’s too much water.”  It struck me then that while the boy was looking at the ocean and the waves, he was perhaps not truly seeing them.  The vastness of the ocean and the speed at which the waves formed and dissipated made it hard to perceive the incredible range of patterns, forms, and textures present.

The images in this book are from a yearlong journey learning to see what often goes unseen when people look at waves.  As I returned time and again to the same places, and as the tide, weather, and light changed, I began to see the many faces of waves and experience the wide range of moods they can evoke.  From high energy chaos or primordial power that left me awe-struck, to playfulness or dancing that made me laugh, to a quiet grace or near stillness that surrounded me with a sense of solitude and peace.  No two waves were ever exactly the same and none lasted more than a few seconds, yet another wave always followed, with its own surprises and wonder. 

The book includes most of the images in the Rhapsody gallery, plus others.

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